10 Best E Nails for Cannabis Concentrates

Are you interested to smoke cannabis concentrates? If yes, you might be very overwhelmed with the task of choosing an e-nail. Among cannabis consumers, enail are becoming the most popular device for dabbing.



Many dabbers will agree with the fact that e-nails offer safe dabbing. Unlike the butane torch, a user doesn’t remain vulnerable to burns. Hence, they can enjoy non-stop dabbing.

Those who are new to the world of e-nails don’t need to freak out. One can find plenty of options among e-nails below:

  • Randy’s Pilot

Those who are looking for an affordable enail can opt for this device. It is a suitable device which offers great hit.  Being portable in nature, one can use it while on the move.

  • Cloud V Electro Mini

Those who want to get rid of the butane torch can opt for this e-nail. Being portable in nature, it makes use of a rig, torch, and a nail for providing big hits. It allows stacking clouds but it won’t allow enjoying flavors. It is usually priced around $249.99.

  • Source Nail Temperature Control Kit

Unlike the other enail, this portable e-nail is priced around $249.95. This kit comes with a vape mod for providing controlled hits. However, one can enjoy flavors as well as clouds. Even if it’s small in size, it’s very powerful. The mouthpiece can be detached from the perc. One can choose coils made of ceramic, quartz, and titanium.

  • Mini Nail

It is one of the most customizable e-nail which can fit in one’s palm. It comes with a carb cap and a quartz banger. However, one should be careful while using the chord as it’s too short. It is usually priced at $399.99.

  • D-Nail

It is one of the best enails on the market. One thing that a user would need to do is to replace the heating coils from time to time. The price of this enail is $250 – $650.


  • Pelinail 1120 Enail

Even if this enail might work as a desktop e-nail, it is portable in nature. Usually, the e-nail is built upon a durable Pelican case at $325.

  • Dab Ninja

If you are looking for a quality enail that comes with a digital display, you can opt for this device. It comes with adjustable temperature and the device can be charged with a laptop charger. It is ideal for high-end dabs.

  • 710 Whip

It is the affordable plug-in enail that comes within $100. The nails that come with it can fit into the male or female joints. Even if it doesn’t come with a digital display, it can do away with a noisy torch.

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  • Shatterbox

Priced at $320, this enail come with a quartz banger accessory in order to enjoy low-temperature dabs. Users can get customized skins printed on the units.

  •  Dr. Dabber Boost eRig

This portable electronic nail comes with various accessories. The carb cap tool can easily attach to the device. This device is ideal for beginner dabbers.

Do you want to enjoy concentrates in the best possible way? Go for renowned enail that offer great temperature control and dabbing experience.